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When we work together there's no boundaries. Pass, shoot, score. Everyone wants more. Time for defense no one gets by. Shot goes up the ball is mine.

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About Midlands Basketball Association

The Midlands Basketball Association (MBA) has created a website. The website will be launched officially on a date to be later communicated by the association. This was done in an effort to improve Zambian basketball by exposing the players on a platform where everyone world wide can view their performance. The website is enriched with Individual player statistics for the men’s super league but will extend the individual statistics to the female super league and B league in the seasons to come. This will expose the players in Midlands worldwide with hopes of the top performers catching the international eye. Zambia has a low pool of international players. It is believed that this website it will leader to an increase in the number of international players as scouts from all over the world will be able to see the performance of the Zambian players without them having to necessarily travel to Zambia to see them in person.

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